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I Love Newgrounds!!

2011-08-20 13:48:18 by AloneDBY

This place has such a good community and very talented flash artists! I have been a bit inactive on Newgrounds for a while but during that time I have been practicing a lot on flash and I want to share my ideas with the world! I am thinking about joining a cool crew so I can and hang out with all the cool people in them. Not a crew like the Kitty Krew or the Socom Squad though because they are bad spammers and Newgrounds should not have any spam! I blam every spam movie I see because i want to do my duty to keep the portal clean like the people in the Elite Guard Barracks club. I want to make good flash only so don't ask me to make any spam and do not coauthor my account to it. If you are a spammer i will not accept your coauthor invite and i will report you to Wade Fulp.



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2011-08-20 13:51:34

I luvs you too babe!

AloneDBY responds:

xD lol i love you too no homo!


2011-08-20 13:52:56


You can't report spammers to Wade. In fact, Newgrounds, in a way promotes spammers!

AloneDBY responds:

Newgrounds has a very bad spammers problem and I would like to do anything about it that I can! If I tell Wade then he can at least keep an eye on them in case they post bad things like porno and he can delete the movie and their accounts if they are really bad LOL! Keep Newgrounds safe and friendly!