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The Soup Squad!

2011-08-20 14:51:39 by AloneDBY

I am trying to join the Soup Squad! This post is to let them know that I am really trying to join and am not a fake hacker or anything.

I Love Newgrounds!!

2011-08-20 13:48:18 by AloneDBY

This place has such a good community and very talented flash artists! I have been a bit inactive on Newgrounds for a while but during that time I have been practicing a lot on flash and I want to share my ideas with the world! I am thinking about joining a cool crew so I can and hang out with all the cool people in them. Not a crew like the Kitty Krew or the Socom Squad though because they are bad spammers and Newgrounds should not have any spam! I blam every spam movie I see because i want to do my duty to keep the portal clean like the people in the Elite Guard Barracks club. I want to make good flash only so don't ask me to make any spam and do not coauthor my account to it. If you are a spammer i will not accept your coauthor invite and i will report you to Wade Fulp.


It's Been A While!

2009-04-02 07:04:07 by AloneDBY

Heeeeey Theeeeere.
I've been lurking around this F....riggin site for more of 3 years now,and i've finally decided to join in this strange yet addicting community. Don't expect me to do flash or musics or something,I'm a 13 for god's sake! I dunno how to add a script, I dunno even how to loop the McDonald had a farm song. But I have fun at reviewing turds and masterpieces.